Bobby's Bama: Dutch Oven Bakery

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

MASSEY, AL (WAFF) - In this fast-paced world we live in, some of us don't even know our neighbors.

We slow down the pace to see how faith combines with commerce.

In Massey we meet the Mennonites who run a bakery which some say is a little slice of heaven.

The Dutch Oven Bakery is home to old fashioned recipes, hard work, faith and friendship.

"We do a lot of baking here and make a lot of different varieties of things from cakes to cookies," said Lowell Brenneman at the bakery.

These folks are part of a Mennonite group which started the business in Cullman County about 15 years ago before moving to Massey about nine years ago.

No matter where they locate, long time customers find them.

"This is where I can find good, home made bread and butter. And that butter makes the best pound cake you've every had," said Wanda Jacobs from Haden in Blount County.

"Well we have some recipes that probably not a lot of other people have," explained Brenneman.

When some first time customers come in, they may confuse the Mennonites with the Amish.

But Brenneman explained there are some big differences.

"The Amish, typically, they wouldn't use cars, and that kind of thing. They do without a lot of modern conveniences and we have a lot of those things," he said.

"There are some things that we don't have, like television and radio," he continued.

The home made sour dough bread and fresh butter from Dutch Oven Bakery make for a delicious memory from the Mennonites.

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