State representative's bill would ban PAC-to-PAC transfers

Posted by Sam McAdams - email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - A push is on to change Alabama's campaign finance laws.

The proposal is to ban PAC-to-PAC transfers.

That's where one political action committee donates to another political action committee in an effort to disguise where the funding is coming from.

State representative Jeff McLaughlin's bill would only allow PAC's to give to the principal campaign committees.

"I think the people of Alabama want to end the shell game of money laundering in political campaign contributions. People, if they're going to take money from a source, they need to be willing to say who it is," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin's bill is the same he's proposed for the last eight years.

It's already won overwhelming approval in the house.

But action is still pending in the state senate, where the bill has died every year it's been proposed.

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