Ft. Payne students enjoy the snow, maybe for the last time this year

By Stephen McLamb- bio | email
Posted by Sam McAdams - email

FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - DeKalb County, especially the mountains, got several inches of snow Tuesday.

But they may very well be enjoying our last snowfall of the season. "I've never seen this much snow in Alabama. I'm thinking it's the end of time," said Barbara Edgar.

For Barbara and her family this is probably the seventh or eighth day they've spent time together because school has closed due to winter weather.

But for the kids, the learning process continues. "making a snowman is harder than it looks," said Kyle Womack.

It all starts with rolling snow to make the three balls for his body. But with wet snow instead of powdery snow, that's where the learning process begins.

The weight of powdery snow doesn't weigh that of wet compact snow. "Well, first of all we made the bottom half too big and we made this middle part too big so we had to break it in half," said Womack.

With numerous snow events this year, there's been a rise in the number of vehicle accidents.

Fort Payne Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree says they had about ten but it could have been worse, if they got what some of the previous snow events brought.

"I had rather have six inches of snow than a quarter inch of black ice," said Commissioner Ogletree.

Meanwhile, Kyle and the gang eventually got the snowman finished. But for Barbara, she's ready for the weekend if the forecast of temperatures in the 60's holds true.

"Yes, now I am. Now that I've got frostbite I believe," said Edgar.

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