DeKalb County woman on the hook for medical expenses after suit settlement

By Stephen McLamb- bio | email

DEKALB COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - We first brought you the story of a Jackson County attorney who was disbarred for using trust money for personal use.

Now, a DeKalb County woman who was represented by the very same attorney is now on the hook for medical payments after the attorney settled her case.

Shelia Crowe says she'll never forget her wreck in 2000 while traveling along interstate 59.  "The front axle was broke. I mean, it was pretty bad. We went up on two wheels for probably, seemed like forever," said Crowe.

She said that accident sent her to DeKalb Regional Medical Center. "It hurt my neck, my back, and I still to this day have a lot of problems with it still," said Crowe.

So she said she went to get legal help from Scottsboro Attorney Doug Benson.

Four years after the wreck, a settlement was reached and she said she got her portion.

Crowe believed she was due more after Benson paid the medical expenses. "He was going to work on it and get it negotiated and send me the remainder," said Crowe.

Instead, Crowe said she began getting claims of medical bills in 2007 and more recently in just the last few weeks.

"A garnishment on my wages for a bill that was from this medical wreck," said Crowe.

Crowe said she's tried numerous times to see Benson.

"Seems like I was getting the run around and I've been over there to try to see him but was never in the office. I couldn't get a straight answer," said Crowe.

Benson's office is now closed and Crowe is just wondering what happened to the medical expense portion of the settlement.

"Nothing paid and I'm beginning to get these wondering now how many more is out there that's going to come in?" asked Crowe.

Again, We have attempted to contact Grady Douglas Benson for a comment but have been unable to reach him.

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