Bobby's Bama: TC Almon's Gym has smack talking geriatric athletes

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Most of us have our own ideas about retirement and make plans for our golden years, but there is a group of men in Decatur bursting the image of the "rocking chair set."

Most of us have heard athletes talking smack to each other during a work out, but what if those athletes are 75 to 90 years old.

Fernando Ford, a frequenter of the TC Almon Recreation Center says there's no doubt the older guys who work out there are in better shape than some folks half their age and an inspiration.

"It's good to see them come out, you know it motivates me to do a little more," said Ford.

Conley Duncan is a conditioning coach who has helped the men with flexibility, strength, mobility and more.

"Well it makes me proud," said Duncan. "Makes me extremely proud, because they put in the work to improve their lifestyles."

One of those people with a 'good grip' on his life style is 90-year-old Horace Sheets. He says after being a widower for 15 years, he reconnected with his first sweetheart from 70 years ago.

"She's got a Cadillac and she can't drive now. They stopped her from driving, so now she depends on Mr. Sheets," said Horace who's a pretty mean ping pong player.

Don't even try to compete with Leon Crayton in the weight room.

"As a matter of fact there's about 12 of us and our ages range from 60 to now 90, Mr. Sheets just turned 90. And among those individuals we're able to communicate tell good stories, and one thing we don't do after we exercise, we don't go out to eat," Crayton.

So this group of geriatric athletes will continue to walk, play and pull their own weight with friendship and fellowship and a little "smack."

These gentlemen have a true competitive spirit and show no signs of slowing down. It's the type of attitude we like to see on Bobby's Bama.

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