New York attorney says insanity plea may be difficult in UAH shootings

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The shooting that killed three UA-Huntsville professors and injured three others has captured the attention of a New York lawyer, who said it's going to be tough to prove Amy Bishop is insane.

Carolyn Wolf, a lawyer who consults with college campuses about how to avoid violence has been following the details of Anderson's life.

When she heard what happened here in Huntsville, she did some research.

And said Bishop's lawyers should consider other plea options besides insanity.

Sordid and shocking details are being uncovered of a Harvard graduate turned biology professor who is described by some as having violent reactions when she doesn't get her way.

Carolyn Wolf said Bishop may go for the insanity plea, but it won't be easy to prove.

"There needs to be one or more solid psychiatric evaluations done on her to at least know if they are even in the ballpark whether it's a mental illness or sociopathic behavior," said Wolf.

Wolf said campus violence can't always be avoided, but she said it's a wise decision for administrators to do in-depth digging into an employee's background to determine if they are a threat to themselves and to others.

"There were red flags, indications from her past and her behavior on their campus that made someone concerned enough to pursue it," said Wolf.

Wolf encourages schools to develop a threat assessment team.

Most are geared toward concerns about students, but Wolf says issues with faculty should be addressed too.

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