Civil suits could be filed soon against Amy Bishop Anderson

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Accused UA-Huntsville shooter Amy Bishop Anderson is in jail while attorneys begin work on criminal proceedings.

But what about civil action? Will the families of the shooting victims file for compensatory damages?

They can be filed at any time, even before the criminal process begins.

But the question is, who can be sued and who is protected by law.

The criminal paper work began shortly after Amy Bishop Anderson's arrest on the campus of UA-Huntsville.

She's charged with shooting six faculty members, killing three professors.

While her case waits to be tried in front of a jury, there's the possibility of civil suits.

"The members of the deceased victims and those who survived could potentially sue the shooter. I do not see any potential against UAH itself," said Decatur Attorney Scott Anderson.

"Its a state run institution and the state of Alabama has, in general, immunity.  Nobody expected this.  UAH was as prepared as they could be for something like this they acted appropriately, no one else was injured in the meeting.  She had a right to be at the meeting.  It's a bad circumstance, very unfortunate I don't see anyone being held liable for her actions," said Anderson.

Bishop Anderson claims she's indigent, and can't afford counsel.

Does that mean if a civil suit is filed against her the victims won't collect?

"Yes, she can be sued a judgement can be entered against her collecting that judgement is a different story. Not easy? You can't squeeze blood from a turnip," said Anderson.

So far no civil suits have been filed.

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