Sheriff speaks on housing Amy Bishop Anderson

By Jeanie Powell - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Jim Anderson's wife remains in the Madison County Jail.

He tells WAFF 48 News he has had contact with his wife while she has been incarcerated on Wheeler Avenue and she asked how their children were doing.

Right now, Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson is being held in a single cell where she is observed every hour.

We also talked to Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning.

He has had no direct contact with the suspect, but it is his job to house her.

Bishop Anderson was allowed an initial phone call after she was booked and there's a portable phone she can request to use, but it's on a very controlled basis.

The way it's set up, she won't be allowed outside contact for at least 30 days, unless it's her attorney.

As of Tuesday afternoon, local courts say the judge has not appointed counsel, nor approved a retained attorney for the suspect.

Dorning said considering the nature of this crime and in cases like this that may pose a security risk for the facility, the decision was made to place the inmate away from others, until she can be integrated.

WAFF 48 News asked if she was considered a threat to herself.

"We have been in constant contact with the jail staff and there has been no displays or any types of actions whether physically or verbally that she poses a threat to herself ," Dorning said.

We then asked the sheriff, "So is she not on suicide watch?"

Dorning said he can't say she's on suicide watch after explaining that when "we have someone who's brought into the facility and we put into this environment, it's a security factor and it's precautionary in the event they would want to. They wouldn't have the opportunity to injure themselves if they wanted to."

When asked if he was given any specific instructions with Bishop Anderson, the sheriff said she is treated like any other inmate in her situation.

Dorning said she has shown no aggression or disrespect to his staff.

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