A closer look at Bishop-Anderson's past

By Lee Marshall

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Grieving relatives of the three murdered professors are questioning how someone with a violent past got hired at UA-huntsville.

Police in Massachusetts questioned her about fatally shooting her brother, and then later about a mail bomb investigation involving her professor.

A quick Internet search Dr. Amy Bishop shows a stand out researcher.

In 2004 Dr. Bishop was awarded a grant from UAH to study the effects of nitric oxide.

In 2008 her research was presented at the annual UAH bio retreat.

Her findings showed promise for those who suffer from MS and ALS.

She and her husband Jim Anderson developed the intelligent cellular system.

They were awarded a $25,000 grant to start the production in 2007.

Dr. Amy Bishop was bragged on for the value of her research in an editorial by university president Dr. David Williams in the Huntsville Times in 2008.

So how could an accomplished Harvard graduate PhD, who studied cells end up in one?

Turns out, Amy Bishop had dark side, and a history of violence.

According to published reports, she was questioned in a 1993 attempted mail bomb attack in the Boston area.

No one was ever charged. The target was a Harvard med school professor, also Amy Bishop's professor.

"It was common knowledge that they had an issue. There was something that they didn't agree on," said former colleague Sylvia Fluckiger.

Police in Bishop's hometown have also now disclosed that in 1986, when she was 19, she killed her 18-year-old brother, Seth.

He died from a shotgun blast to the chest.

At the time, state investigators called it an accident. But police in Braintree, Massachusetts, now say Bishop and her brother were arguing when he was shot.

Adding to the mystery: the original police files from 24 years ago are missing.

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