Internet site may link shooting victim to gang

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey confirmed Tuesday both the shooter and the victim belonged to the same gang.

They call themselves Crips, the name of a real nationwide gang started in Los Angeles.

We Googled Madison, Alabama Crips and found the main link to a website, naming Todd Brown as the "Southside Enforcer."

There were several videos with Brown's name that have been removed.

The last clip updated on Sunday January 31st with these words "Todd stackin crip subscribe or get killed."

And there's video of a young black male, dressed in a blue t-shirt with a blue bandana around his face, throwing up gang signs with his hands to the music.

There are initiation rituals to get in and rituals to get out.

Defense Attorney Bruce Gardner told WAFF 48 News his client was required to spray-paint Crips on a bathroom wall inside Discovery School.

Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey said their investigation found the shooter and victim didn't know how to join a real gang so they went online to learn the walk, talk and dress.

Attorney Mark McDaniel, hired by Brown's family, said he can't divulge much information but eventually the truth will come out.

"We know this. We know this the family will bury their son Friday, we know this because of a sinister act by a young man that got a gun, carried it to school, executed did it with premeditation, executed a young man at school in front of everybody," said McDaniel.

Todd's stepfather said he was a good boy who played video games with his friends and brothers.

His stepfather did say he did not monitor Brown's time on the Internet because he didn't want to invade the teen's privacy.

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