Court hears more testimony in Shipp trial

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Testimony in the Kenneth Shipp capital murder trial is now in the hands of defense attorneys.

The state rested its case Tuesday morning.

Kenneth Shipp is on trial for killing Huntsville police officer Eric Freeman December 14th of 2007.

Defense attorney Robert Tuten doesn't believe the state has proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prosecutors argue they are relying on evidence from the stand.

The judge denied the defense motion.

This morning, investigator David Owens with Huntsville Police was called to the stand.

Owens played a tape of Shipp being questioned by investigators the day after Freeman was killed.

Investigator Owens testified that Shipp was read his rights then asked what happened.

Shipp stated it was a blur.  He remembered a minor fender bender.

Shipp said some guy jumped out and yelled at him. Shipp told officers he didn't remember a fight but he did remember being dragged across the concrete.

Owens testified that when he told Shipp that he killed a police officer, Shipp said he didn't mean to hurt anybody.

Also taking the stand, Dr. Jack Kalin with the state's toxicology department.

He testified to blood and urine samples taken from Shipp telling the court that Shipp had enough alcohol and prescription drugs in his system to knock out the average person the night Freeman was killed.

The defense plans to call one more witness tomorrow morning.

WAFF was told the case could be in the hands of a jury by mid-week.

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