Marshall County plans to move forward with park

By Stephen McLamb

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Marshall County is planning to build a new county park. But the problem is, the plans are not new.

Plans are to build a park just north of the Highway 431 bridge. But those plans date back to 1966 and nothing's been done.

People here over 40 remember a park that used to be there in the 1970's and wish one would return for their children.

"We used to play there a lot. They had a little train. They had a beach," said Rhonda McCoy.

With just a few picnic tables now, Marshall County residents remember decades ago what used to be here at this site just north of the bridge on Highway 431.

But that has long been dismantled.

The county plans to put a full scale park here but those plans have been in the making since 1966.

"We're going to move forward on it. There's been planning ever since the sixties and they've about planned it to death," said Marshall County Commissioner James Maze.

Commissioner Maze says it's time to get started.

He wants to get the project underway just across the street from Yacht Club Road.

"Our intention there is to put in a RV park there, approximately 70 parking spaces," said Commissioner Maze.

But could the project stay in the planning phase? "The economy is down. We just have to work with the cash that we have," says Commissioner Maze.

He plans to use county equipment to build the RV park and make it a revenue producer for the rest of the project.

"As far as I'm concerned the planning stages should be over with and we need to do as we can," said Maze.

And that's good news for a new generation of younger people.

"Oh, I think it will be great. I'm really looking forward to seeing it happen and to see that property up to it's full potential," Maze said.

The commissioner said he's hoping the county can begin construction on the RV portion of the park as early as the spring or as late as this fall.

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