Huntsville company builds 3D map of Haiti

Posted by Sam McAdams - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A local company is helping the rescue efforts in Haiti by getting a closer look at the landscape.

On January 15th, Aegis Technologies in Huntsville was contacted to build a 3D image of Haiti, before and after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

The quake left roads blocked and mass destruction.

Aegis is helping the country and aide organizations take a different look at the damage in 3D.

"We tasked the satellites on Friday, we flew over the area, got two good shots of it, and we're building all of Port Au Prince, and what usually takes weeks to build, this massive landscape to build, we did it in a day," said Aegis Technologies Director of Geospatial programs Scott Allman.

He said it's one of their biggest projects yet, and because of that, they will be giving the imagery away for free.

It will be posted on their website.

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