Cold snap caused by arctic blasts

By Trang Do - bio | email
Posted by Sam McAdams - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We've had six consecutive days of temperatures below 20 degrees. It's a cold snap that has Alabamians shivering and wondering what's behind it.

One national weather service forecaster says it's not the coldest snap on record, but it's close.

"For consecutive days below 20 degrees we're in third place right now. It looks like we'll probably go to second place or be tied for second place with some other years, after tonight's temperature," said Robert Boyd.

And if it's been feeling like Siberia outside to you, there's a good reason why.

"It's been caused by a series of cold blasts basically from Siberia, and the arctic region coming across the area," said Boyd.

People we spoke to say they'll deal with a little cold air, if it'll bring them snow.