Voters speak out on Griffith's decision to switch political parties

By Elizabeth Gentle – bio | email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Parker Griffith's move is being called a victory by some and a disappointment by others.

Many viewers emailed the WAFF 48 newsroom with their opinions. We also heard from others on the street, some saying they aren't surprised by Griffith's switch. Others say he made the right move at the right time.

"I can run a race. I'm not worried about that. It wasn't about politics," Griffith told WAFF 48 News.

So why did Griffith, who represents the 5th Congressional District, give up on his Democratic running mates to join forces with the Republican Party?

He said it was his concern that bills and policies pushed by the Democratic leadership are bad for the country and his district.

"I was willing to discuss it," Griffith said. "Willing to work with anybody who would listen to me. I did not find I had a place at the table."

Griffith is a radiation oncologist. His switch comes as Congress is trying to pass a much-contested health reform care bill.

During a news conference, Griffith said he can do more to help the people in his district by swapping parties. But WAFF 48 News asked voters for their opinion.

"I think that it's a bad time to do that," said voter Christina Cunningham. "We are in a state of flux and everything needs to be consistent because consistency is what we need. I think his decision right now is at an inopportune time and he needs to stop."

"I think its a good thing because I feel like with the healthcare bill passing, I don't think it's very popular here in Alabama or the South, so I think its a good idea he's changing parties," said voter Roger Farris.

Democrats said they will nominate a formidable challenger to fill Griffith's seat next year.

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