Five businesses find counterfeit bills, two are arrested

By Barbara Czura – bio | email

Scottsboro, AL (WAFF) - From Scottsboro to Fort Payne, counterfeit 100 dollar bills have been showing up at local businesses. Those business contacted police and now two people are behind bars.  

These 100 dollar bills appear legit to the naked eye.

"They were using computers, some software and a fairly good printer, possibly bleaching some money. They were printing a smaller bill-then reprinting it to a larger bill. For instance, they'd change a $5 to a $100 bill," said Ron Latimer, who's with the Scottsboro Police Department.

Five local businesses noticed the fake bills and contacted police.  That's when Fort Payne police investigators caught up with Aubrey Silvers, 43, and Christy Greeson, 31, from Dalton, Georgia.

Investigators believe they were making the bills in a local motel room and hitting businesses while they were passing through.

"These people are stealing money from businesses," said Latimer. "They'd buy some small item for $2-3 dollars and present a hundred and get $97 in change from the business so not only is the business out of merchandise they're out currency."

While these two suspects are spending time behind bars. Investigators have a message for business this holiday season- check their bills carefully.

Silvers and Greeson are being held in the Dekalb County Jail, and face several charges. Scottsboro police also has warrants on their arrest.  Investigators said the two are also facing federal charges. 

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