Family of Alabama soldier reacts to Ft. Hood shooting

By Eric Sollman - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- The news of the mass shooting at the army base in Texas spread quickly across our state as many people in Alabama have ties to Ft. Hood.

Becky and Melvin Blackmon, for example, live in Montgomery, and their son Sgt.First Class Morris Lowery is stationed at Ft. Hood.

When they heard about the shooting, Becky Blackmon said she was constantly "watching the news, answering phones, getting texts and answering texts" from people who were concerned about her son.

Melvin Blackmon still shocked at what happened. "I worry about him and the soldiers over seas when they're fighting in the war.  When they're at home I relax because this is a time they're suppose to be safe," he said.

Just last Saturday, 270 members of the 135th expeditionary sustainment command left Birmingham to go to Fort Hood.

There they are training to go to Afghanistan, and could have been in the soldier readiness center where the shootings took place.
A spokesperson for the Alabama Army National Guard said they spent the day monitoring the situation, shocked and saddened to see a soldier targeting other soldiers.

WAFF 48 News learned that no military base in Alabama, including Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, has any plans to raise the security threat, but as always security measures will be in place on those bases.

For families who want to keep up with the latest on the base, you can call a special hotline for any information.  That number is 1-(866)-836-2751.

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