Tea Party event in Huntsville stirs local debate

By Jeanie Powell - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- Government health care reform is a topic that stirs passions that run deep in most everyone.  The two sides of the debate came together Wednesday with opposing protests on opposite sides of Clinton Avenue in Downtown Huntsville.

While the sides didn't see eye-to-eye, they respected what the other had to say, and everything came to a peaceful conclusion.

"We say 'no' to a public option, 'no' to government run healthcare and 'no' to them taking power away from private sector," said Christie Carden, a Huntsville Tea Party organizer.

Co-Coordinator for North Alabama's Healthcare for All group Linda Haynes said, "It goes beyond the public option, we're in favor of what's called an expanded and improved medicare."

That's a plan that would give everyone and anyone, who's not happy with their coverage, access to medical care.

Pediatrician Dr. Pippa Abston said, "We could easily afford it.  It would cost us less than what we're currently paying in insurance premiums.  It would save our healthcare system."

Not all health care professionals feel that way, though.  Some feel the government doesn't need to interfere with Americans' rights.

"There's no incentive for doctors to become doctors; there's no incentive for patients to take charge of their own healthcare," said Dr. Kelly Lynn.

Protestors are putting in every last word they can.

Mike Turner, who's for universal healthcare, said, "My girlfriend is unemployed and on Cobra.  We went through a situation where she might not have had insurance, and we saw what folks went through.

Deryl Leewright is against a government run health care option.  Thursday, as he held a poster that read "Angry Mob", he said, "This is what they called us from Washington, so I'm here to participate. Yeah, we are angry.  We're angry against all the taxing and spending they're doing."

Whether you're for or against the government intervening in our healthcare system, people in Huntsville feel that every little voice counts in this debate.
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