Patient Education & FAQ

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain can be defined as:

  1. Pain that persists for longer than six months.
  2. Pain that has been caused a significant change in a person's lifestyle or personality.
  3. Pain that persists despite appropriate medical and/or surgical therapy.

Key aspects of comprehensive pain management.

Comprehensive pain management entails an accurate and complete diagnosis. Frequently, well-qualified internists of family practice physicians simply do not have the expertise to appropriately treat chronic pain. Too often that leads to over-medicating or improperly medicating the patient.

Comprehensive pain management involves a well-coordinated therapy plan including medical care, behavioral health, and physical therapy/rehab. Coordinating all these components helps each phase of care to reinforce the others.

Regular follow-up and reassessment is essential to appropriately monitor how effective the plan of care is at controlling the level of pain each patient experiences.

Effective pain control makes rehabilitation possible. We help patients regain a sense of purpose and self-worth.