Police catch burglars in the act

By Robyn McGlohn - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There were some intense moments for Huntsville Police this morning as they caught burglars inside an eldery man's home.

And some scary moments for the owner of this home and his neighbors.

"The phone rang and a friend of mine called me and woke me and up," said neighbor Kimberly Bolding. "Said all hell was breaking loose."

Around 7:00 Monday morning police say brothers Christopher and Michael Tonnon of Chicago entered Artis Byrd's home on 9th Avenue in West Huntsville.

Police say they were looking to rob, but they didn't get very far.

They found the brothers still in the home.

WAFF 48 News was there when the perpatrators were caught.

"He's our landlord, owns all these houses, and he's a good man," said Bolding. "He would do anything for anybody and I hope those people get what's coming to them."

Kimberly Bolding said Byrd was bound and beaten.

She doesn't know why and neither does neighbor Frankie Latorre.

"He couldn't hurt nobody," said Latorre. "They had to just go in there and physically overtake him."

"He was a supervisor at the old mill for years and years and year and that's why he's got so much," said Bolding.

"He worked all his life and these little punks..." continued Bolding.

"It just makes me angry, you know, when people like that take advantage of someone like him."

'The brothers accused in this crime are now behind bars.

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