School absences continue to grow from flu-like symptoms

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Schools are waiting for the H1N1 shots to arrive so that parents who agree can have their child vaccinated. Area school leaders hope to have every child in the system vaccinated by Christmas break.

School started less than a month ago and already absentee numbers are increasing. Madison County Schools have had at least one confirmed case of H1N1 since school started and others are suspected.

Huntsville City Schools are dealing with the same issue. And unless the severity level heightens, there will be no school closings.

State health leaders say its a situation they are monitoring.

"This virus spreads like its capable of doing and 10 percent becomes normal background we will have to reaccess," said State Health Officer Don Williamson.

Schools are sending letters home to parents with the latest H1N1 information and what to do if their child becomes sick.