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Decatur General has H1N1 flu plan

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Hospitals across Alabama are preparing for more illnesses because of Swine Flu.  It's currently affecting about two percent of the state's population.  Decatur General Hospital is making preparations in case the Swine Flu spreads even more.

A hospital is where many patients end up if they have a bad case of the flu.  It's likely to be the same with cases of Swine Flu. 

"Decatur General has prepared a pandemic preparedness plan," said Dr. Scott Harris, a contagious disease specialist.

He says part of that plan is to make sure the virus does not spread in the hospital. 

"We have a separate area that's been set aside just for those folks just so they can be isolated and taken care of in a quick fashion and also limit the spread to other people," said Dr. Harris.

What happens if the people who provide care to others get sick?

Harris says it's all in the plan.

"Working through employee health and in cases of trouble, we do have a plan for identifying those people early on."

He says that means adequate staffing is a must.

"One of the things about Swine Flu, as you've probably heard, it actually seems to affect younger people more so than older people. So we hope that there won't be a lot of morbidity."

Children less than 18 years old make up 65% of swine flu cases in Alabama.

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