Florence police are now hiring

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FLORENCE, AL (WAFF)- One police department in the Shoals is looking for a few good men and woman.

It is the Florence Police Department.  They have several positions that need to be filled.

Officer Evan Whiteside has been with the Florence Police Department for 5 months.  So far, he's really enjoying his new career.

"The randomness of the calls," said Whiteside, "You never know what your going to drive up on or walk into."

Finding new officers is tough.  Being a police officer is not an easy job.

"It's a very challenging job," said Rick Singleton, Florence Police Chief, "Very demanding job,  very stressful."

Singleton also says if your heart is not into it, you probably will not last.

Right now, the department has 5 openings.  They were made possible by stimulus money the department received.

"It's a kind of job a person really wants to do," said Singleton, "A real drive to do it."

There is also a lot of requirements, like physical and mental evaluations.  So sometimes it is hard to find qualified candidates.

Plus, a new officer's salary is a factor.

"You don't get into if for the money," said Whiteside, "It's just personal satisfaction."

A new officers salary starts at almost $27,000 a year, if he/or she has a college degree it can raise to a little over $30,000 a year.

Singleton also says there has been a drop in minority officers, like African-Americans and women.

He says a lot of prospective officers have joined the military, instead of staying at home.

If you are interested in becoming a Florence Police Officer, you have to act fast, the deadline to apply is Friday.

You can pick up an application at city hall, or download one on the city's web site.

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