What is the Heart of the Valley

The Heart of the Valley is a major new promotional campaign which highlights the heritage and diversity of the region. The goal of the "Heart of the Valley" campaign is to provide a rallying point for community pride.

"In this case, 'community' means all the counties of North Alabama and some of the counties in Southern Tennessee, because that's the region our television station serves," said WAFF Vice President and General Manager, Lee Meredith.

"Being able to refer to the region as the "Heart of the Valley" will be helpful to us, but the campaign also recognizes that people who live in the city limits of Huntsville are just as proud of the musical heritage of Muscle Shoals. The people who live in Decatur are happy to be from the same region that includes the scenic beauty of a place like Gorman's Bluff."

WAFF commissioned original music to support the new spirit campaign. The music is combines with photography of the people and places of the "Heart of the Valley" in television commercials that will be airing on the station.

"We live in a great place. Where else can you get quiet country living and the best technology has to offer in one geographical area? Asks Jim Heinrich Marketing Director for WAFF. "Television has the ability to touch lives. In this campaign, we'll be using that ability to promote and celebrate the values of the people who live in our region."

Heinrich says the "Heart of the Valley" campaign will feature many residents from all over the area starring in the commercials. The landmarks you'll see in these commercials will be easily recognizable to some people, and too many others, this will be an opportunity to see more of the hidden treasures right here at home." Heinrich said.