AUBURN - The Auburn football team held its third scrimmage of the season Saturday morning in Jordan-Hare Stadium, focusing mainly on situational drills. The scrimmage was the final one of preseason practice leading up to the Sept. 5 season-opener against Louisiana Tech.

"Today was a procedural day, we did more situations today than anything, with the officials out there, just trying to get as many game-like situations as we can," said Auburn head coach Gene Chizik.

"It was not a real physical day today, it was more of a mental day and a procedural day with coaches in the press box, coaches down on headphones, figuring out who is doing what procedurally."

Using the time to simulate game-like situations, Chizik said he was pleased with some things he saw out of the team, but also noted there are several areas to improve on.

"I think we got accomplished what we wanted to get accomplished, we are going to have great film on what we were not doing well," said Chizik. "It was apparent that there was a lot we were not doing well, but we got great teaching tools and we got out of today what we wanted."

The Tigers focused on some short-time drills and worked on mental situations on both sides of the ball.

"We put ourselves in a position with one timeout left and we're 60 yards away, 1:30 left on the clock, those type situations that we are going to have to be very efficient at on offense and defense," said Chizik. "On defense, protecting the boundary and understanding the importance of keeping the ball in bounds. Conversely on offense, getting the ball out of bounds, being in hurry-up mode but not panicking, offensive line not jumping and things of that nature."

With two weeks remaining before the 2009 season-opener, Chizik said Saturday's scrimmage also signified a change in focus to game preparations.

"We feel like we are still doing a lot of teaching with our offense and defense and now we are kind of switching gears to putting us in situations where we are running our offense and defense," said Chizik.

"We are putting them in every situation that we can get in on a Saturday and we are not sharp at it. We have the basic idea, but the urgency and concentration levels, I think we are really behind on."

The coaching staff is also taking a closer look at its personnel in developing the team's first depth chart, something Chizik believes they are getting close to.

"I think we are probably 90 percent there," said Chizik. "We have to take a lot of things into consideration like the situation with injuries with our team and things of that nature, but we are getting close."

Auburn's season opener is slated for Sept. 5 when the Tigers host Louisiana Tech at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. CT and the game will be televised live on ESPNU.

Auburn Post-Scrimmage Player Quotes - 8/22/09

Defensive Player Quotes

Mike Slade, DB

On today's scrimmage...

"It went pretty good. It was more laid back today. We were trying to focus on technique and got a lot of good work in. The preparations are coming real well.  Everybody's just got to stay focused and continue to keep grinding. For the most part, everything is coming along real well."

On anticipation for game one against Louisiana Tech... "I'm really excited. I can't wait for the first game. The team as a whole is looking good - looking real good. We are all just excited to get back on the field."

Michael Goggans, DE

On today's scrimmage...

"We've still got some things to improve on but the defense, as a whole, did look better. I think we're prepared for the first game.

We've still got some kinks in there but overall we look much better.

On anticipation for game one against Louisiana Tech...  "I'm real excited to get back out there. The team is pretty jacked right now. We are just going out there and having fun. We made it through camp and now we're just trying to focus on the fundamental things."

Walt McFadden, DB

Thoughts on the third scrimmage...

"We didn't keep score today. It was all about technique - more of a mental thing. Chris Todd led the offense down the field. He worked well with the offensive line and the receivers today.  He did a great job."

Defensive Player Quotes

Lee Ziemba, OL

On the scrimmage...

"It wasn't that overly physical today. Mainly it was just trying to fix some timing stuff and to get some base things straightened out and we did that."

On the offensive line coming together...

"We're gelling well. We've got a great starting five. I guess right now we've got a few that are stepping up for the little guys that get banged up. But it's looking good. We're starting to gel, and we're just excited and ready to go."

Chris Todd, QB

On his performance in the scrimmage...

"I thought we did some good things today. We were just trying to work on cleaning things up a little and I thought we did a good job. It felt pretty good out there today."

On the scrimmage...

"We've got some things to work on, but overall, I felt like we did a pretty good job. We're starting to get everything down a little more and the receivers and running backs are doing a good job, so I think it's really starting to come together."