City and State: Cherokee, AL

Head Coach: Jeff Peek

Coaching Staff: Wade Turberville, Blake Bowling, Nathan Fuller,

Matt McGee, Richard Rushing, Patrick Taylor, Jimmy Payne

Principal: Allison Whisenant


2008 Record: 6-4

2009 Outlook: With a good group of players returning and a few more deciding to come back out and play, there are some high hopes for the coming season. The off season work habits and preparation will be a big key to next season. We must make improvements in our strength and conditioning to make the next step to being competitive in our region.

2009 Schedule:

8/21 @ Shoals Christian School (1A) Jamboree

8/28 @ Colbert Heights High School (3A)

9/4 @ Hatton High School (2A) R

9/11 @ Westminster Christian Academy (2A)R

9/18 @ Red Bay High School (2A)R

9/25 @ Central High School, Flor. (4A)

10/2 @ Lexington High School (2A)R

10/9 @ Phil Campbell High School (2A)R

10/16 @ Tanner High School (2A) R

10/23 @ Clements High School (2A)R

10/29 @ Waterloo High School (1A)