Update: inmates accused of paying detention officers

A WAFF 48 News Update on the disciplinary action of some inmates at the Madison County Jail accused of paying detention officers in exchange for free time.

At the same time, one of the detention officers accused of accepting the money had a court hearing Wednesday.

Scotty Clark is charged with eight counts of bribery and eight counts of permitting or facilitating an escape.

He's one of the three accused of illegal behavior at the Madison County Jail.

Wednesday, Clark had a felon examination hearing.

That's to see whether he has an attorney representing him or not.

Clark wasn't at that hearing this afternoon.

His new attorney, Gary Lackey, called saying he was filing a notice of appearance, therefore Clark didn't have to show.

Lackey did not return our phone call requesting comment about his client, but we are told Clark's preliminary hearing is set in district court for September 9th.

Clark remains on administrative leave pending the outcome of a personnel hearing.

WAFF News asked what happens to the inmates involved in the alleged scheme?

The sheriff's office says there were 27 inmates who had some sort of involvement or knowledge of the releases, the investigation is ongoing, and many have been put back on lockdown or taken off work release.

I learned through a jail official that all were immediately drug tested and three came back positive.

Those three inmates were removed from the program.

The others have been stripped of various priveleges, confined to the jail annex and not allowed back on work release, or have been put on lockdown.

Detention officer Edgar Maroney faces seven counts of bribery and one count of promoting contraband.

Work release probation officer Martis Sanchez is charged with eight counts of bribery.

Both men have resigned from the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

We'll keep you updated as these cases unfold.