Browns Ferry Road Reopened

By Eric Sollman - bio | email

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Another piece to the roadway maze in Madison came to completion Thursday.  A smaller, two-week project finished a day a head of schedule at Browns Ferry Road and Balch Road.

From puddles to pavement, a growing west side of Madison has seen its share of construction.

Lenn Lefebvre has lived in Madison for about two years.

For those two years he's been commuting though a construction zone.

"Funny story, I had to go to Dominoes the other day and it's normally about a two minute trip that took 10-15 minutes," said Lefebvre.

Now, a prolonged trip for pizza should be no problem for Lefebvre as the t-intersection of Balch Road and Browns Ferry Road, becomes the latest completion to a two-prong project.

Mayor Paul Finley says this now gives the City of Madison the ability to Close Mill Road.

"We in turn are finishing two bridges there, both in preparation for the school year," said Finley.

A school year that will see the opening of a new Mill Creek Elementary, and more school traffic.

Dave Fortune sees his share of school traffic in his neighborhood near Gillespie Road which is also set to open in a week and a half.

"I think it will be better for the schools too, because you have lots of people who take their kids to school and you can come right out back here and go across and bypass the school," said Fortune.

By passing school traffic all together may be out of the question, but Mayor Finley is trying to keep the pavement pains to a minimum.

"I heard loud and clear in the campaign, quit closing two roads going the same direction at the same time, it really impedes traffic," said Finley.

Most of the work on Gillespie Road looks complete. Mayor Finley says the city is just waiting for the pavement to dry to start striping.

They will also be putting in new road signs.

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