Marijuana plants found growing in Colbert County

By Josh Ault  bio|e-mail

BARTON, AL (WAFF)-  Colbert County investigators have uncovered a huge marijuana patch.  They received a tip about where the plants were growing.

They found the patch Wednesday afternoon.

More than 100 marijuana plants were found near Cane Creek, off U.S. Highway 72, in the Barton Community.  They were in a heavily wooded area.

"In searching the area they found a little over 100 plants," said Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May, "Plants (were) anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall."

When a marijuana plants get that big, they can fetch more than $1,000 each, so in total these plants were worth more than $100,000 on the street.

"It was obvious," May added, "They had been taken care of, watered, and fertilized."

The plants were located on TVA property.

TVA officials say it is very hard to monitor all of the land they have.

"You look at how vast the amount of public lands in this area," said TVA Police Captain Joe Kelley, "There is just not enough people out there to stomp these places down."

The state sometimes does helicopter fly overs to see if they can spot marijuana patches, but investigators really rely on the public.

"We rely on people who are in these areas," said Kelley, "That go out to fish or swim.  Public tips are one of the most helpful ways."

These plants have now been destroyed.  Investigators now want to find the people responsible for making this illegal garden.

If you have information on these marijuana plants, you are asked to call the Colbert County Sheriff's Department at 256-383-0741.

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