Busy time for tree services

By Josh Ault - bio | email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - All the bad weather and high winds this week have left a mark on the trees in Morgan County. Now tree cutting service crews are busy helping with the cleanup.

Some companies are so busy that they didn't even answer their phones Wednesday. Customers have to leave a message. But WAFF 48 News caught up with one tree service whose workers should wear track shoes.

One house on Ferry Street is part of Decatur's historic district. The couple who lives there was moving all weekend before the storm hit.

"Monday we went out to eat, we came home and it was a bad storm and the tree came down,"  said Elena Suggs.

T&T Tree Service crews worked all night in the rain to cut up the tree. It was their second trip to the home.  The first one led to some challenges with an antique gas lantern, where one spark could mean danger.  But Suggs says it's also a special artifact.

"It is a very special lantern and the fence is original to the house," Suggs said. "They are around 170 years old. So we were very concerned it's irreplaceable."

Even though they have some very delicate situations like this one to cope with, Darrel Tucker said the guys are very busy.

"Nothing but hard work," Tucker said. "We've been going for about...23 hours straight yesterday."

And, he said, not taking overtime is not an option.

"Everyone's working overtime," he said. "There is no clock in, clock out with us at this time."