State fire marshal finds over 200 violations at Myrick motel

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The state fire marshal found more than 200 violations during an inspection at the Myric Motel in Huntsville.

The report shows the Myric is in deplorable condition.

Crews with the state fire marshal's office spent Monday checking every inch of the Myric property.

Inspectors found some 204 violations.  Violations that could change the fate of this controversial motel.

Crews with the state fire marshal's office paid a visit to the Myric Motel Monday.

The next day, we wanted to know why.

"So when you say it's a routine inspection, how often do they come out here," asked WAFF-48 News Reporter Elizabeth Gentle. "Every so often," according to the manager of the Myrick Motel.

"What do they look for?," asked Gentle. "Ma'am, I'm not going to discuss anything more."

WAFF-48 News dug deep for the facts and found out there has not been an inspection of the facility in more than 20 years.

State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk tells us the Myric isn't up to code.

Inspectors found more than 200 violations.

'The electrical system hasn't been maintained, they are using extension cords in place of permanent wiring, which creates hazards. Misused storage, questionable wiring practices. We found inside one of the rooms a stored lawn mower with gasoline in it. You can't store a flammable liquid indoors,' said State Fire Marshall Ed Paulk.

Fire marshals found cooking supplies like hot plates and portable heating units that create a burn hazard.

There are only a few working smoke detectors and rooms are not up to code.

Paulk says it may not be safe for residents to live there.

'It's for the safety of the people who occupy either on a transient basis or a permanent basis. That includes ownership. These codes are meant for safety,' said Paulk.

Myric owners will get a detailed report of the violations and they'll have a chance to correct any hazards.

The state will decide if the property will have to be vacant or if residents can live there while the repairs are being made.

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