Florence family upset over septic tank work

By Josh Ault  bio|e-mail

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF)  The Mullins have lived on Hough Road in Florence for eight years.  Just recently they started having problems with their septic tank.

"When it rains, it backs up the commodes in the house," said Wanda Mullins, who owns the home. "We can't flush the commodes."

"I've seen the water come up out of the ground," said Gerald Mullins, Mullins's son. "It was a big puddle of water where the lid is to the septic tank."

In March the Mullins hired Hendon's Septic Tank Service to fix the problem.  First, crews emptied the tank.

"We thought it was fixed," said Mullins. "Then it started doing it again, and they came back and said they would have to put fill lines in."

Crews did that, but the problem remained. Mullins said they would not come back after that.

"I've done paid these people $1,500," said Mullins. "I want them to come back and do the job."

Mullins called the Lauderdale County Health Department to help. They sent an inspector to look at the problem.

They were told by the septic tank service owner, Mickey Hendon, that with all the rain, workers will not be able to try to repair it again until it dries out.

"We are working with them trying to get this problem resolved, according to our rules and regulations," said Gary Hodge, Lauderdale County Department of Public Health Environmental Supervisor.

Hodge said they will continue to monitor the leaky septic tank until it is repaired.

The Mullins are just hoping they will not have to continue to worry about flushing their commodes.

WAFF 48 contacted Mickey Hendon about the Mullins' complaints.  He did not want to comment on camera, but said he will get the problem fixed.

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