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Today on WAFF 48 News at 5: Caught on tape: A heart-stopping chase, an officer hit, and a crash....and what happened next got five Alabama police officers fired. We're playing more of the edge-of-your-seat video at 5, and make sure to let us know what you think in the online poll at


Also at 5: Parents meet in Montgomery as the PACT Board weighs the future of the pre-paid tuition program. WAFF 48 News is closely following the developments with a full report at 5.

And coming up at 6: Mold, leaks, and no heat -- WAFF 48 News has been telling you for over a year about the conditions at Paradise Apartments. New management was supposed to fix the problems, but a new twist to this story has WAFF 48 News heading back to the complex.

And tonight at 10: Call girls have gone from the street corner to cyber space, now anywhere can be a red light district. Selling Love Online: A WAFF 48 News Special Report.

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