Band of Brother to go on Honor Flight

Band of Brother to go on Honor Flight

By Christie Ileto - Bio | Email

GREENHILL, AL (WAFF) - A letter writing campaign started by one Shoals school helps a family of four soldiers receive they honor they deserve for their service in WWII.

Four brothers from the Greenhill Community will be on the next Honor Flight from the Tennessee Valley.

A journey that started out with just words on paper will now take 4 brothers to the footsteps of the memorial honoring their service.

"We are honored that the students and the writers at the high school did that," said Horace Hamner.

Meet Horace, Howard, Hollie and Hersel Hamner, 4 of 8 boys from a family of 13. They're soliders and seamen.

The four sift through pictures with their younger brothers re-living memories of their service.

"Just before they got back, a shell fell right in front of me. It stopped me, the smoke did. Two guys in the back of the truck slumped over, about that time here came my truck. I ran and got in it," said Hershel.

Horace and Hollie found comfort during war in their brotherly bond.

"I was a boat operator. When I could see Hollie's ship, the captain would let me visit with my brother," said Horace.

It was the prayers of their mother that brought them home.

"She would tell the family later how the Army fed and clothed her sons while they were gone, but she said when it was all over, she prayed them all back home," said a younger brother, John.

Now thanks to the kind thoughts put into words and sent to Huntsville, the 4 will be headed back to action-but this time to be honored.

This is the first time a set of brothers will be on the Tennessee Valley Honor Flight.

Their trip is set for this April.

There are three Honor Flights from the Tennessee Valley scheduled for this year.

If you would like to help these deserving veterans receive the recognition that they have earned, click here to find information on how you can donate your time and treasure to this worthy cause.

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