Dead end road in Colbert County continues to flood

Dead end road in Colbert County continues to flood

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MUSCLE SHOAL, AL (WAFF) People who live on Cassie Davis Street, just outside Muscle Shoals, know there is a problem when their mail boxes are surrounded by water.

"This time it isn't bad as it usually gets," said Michael Bates, who grew up on this street, "Sometimes it gets up to knee deep."

Wednesday's rain left their street partially flooded.  With more rain this weekend, they know it is going to get worse.

The residents say the flooding started in the early 90's.

"When I was a kid," said Vester Jarmon, who lives on Cassie Davis Street, "I don't remember it flooding like this."

Jarmon says for some reason the fields that surround these homes are not draining properly.  He took his concerns to the county commission, but nothing was ever done.

"No need to give up on it," said Jarmon, "Something needs to be done."

"Children aren't able to go to school," said Bates, "No garbage collection coming through, no mail.  I get tired of it."

Ten families live on this dead end road.  When the water rises, they have nowhere to go.

"They came out in boats and got us out, several times," said Jarmon.

"We get used to it," said Bates, "We already know when it rains 2 or 3 days, we already know to come to the road, and see how bad it is."

With more rain forecast for this weekend, the residents of Cassie Davis Street are prepared for more flooding, and the possibility of going nowhere this weekend.

WAFF 48 spoke with Emitt Jimmar, the county commissioner for this area.  He says they have looked at several options to try to fix the flooding on the street, but right now nothing is in the works to help the problem.

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