Tuition Freeze at Calhoun

Tuition Freeze at Calhoun

By Bobby Shuttleworth - Bio | Email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - There's a tuition freeze for students at 2-year colleges in Alabama.

Robert Lee is a sophmore majoring in Mechanical engineering, "It's a good thing.  It can help a lot of people out as far as being able to afford tuition for future classes and you know overall studies for people going to school now."

Freshman Christopher Reece is majoring in business, "That's a good idea. Save people money especially in the economic standards as they are now."

But schools and businesses are all dealing with the economic crunch.

Calhoun lost more than 2 million dollars last year.  Leaders say the school is in an unusual situation because their enrollment is exploding to the tune of 1-point-7 million dollars.

That helps, but there areas which could see cuts, according to Jack Burrow, the school's business manager, "The other things we will have to do as people retire or leave, we will just have to do more with the people we have."

He says there are no plans to cut programs, but there may be cutbacks to part time staff, but that's not definite at this point.

There are cutbacks going on right now at the school, but those cutback have to do primarily with energy. "We've started energy management programs and all our buildings are computerized. When we leave at night, our utilities are primarily shut off", adds Burrow.'

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