To Catch a Predator back on streets

To Catch a Predator back on streets

By Jeanie Powell - bio | email
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) -  Five sex offenders are missing. WAFF 48 News' To Catch a Predator traveled across North Alabama, from Athens to DeKalb County, to bring you the perfect example of why law enforcement has to know where these men and women reside.

One has an active sexual abuse case open on him because of allegations involving a child, and authorities cannot find him.

The first case comes from the western portion of the journey, in Athens. Timothy Earl Combs sexually abused a nine-year-old girl in Madison County.

Athens Police Sgt. Dustin Lunsford says Combs registered with his department in April of 2008. But a month later he was not living at his Browns Ferry address.

Lunsford learned in October that Combs was placed on community corrections through Lauderdale County.

When WAFF 48 News asked the detective if there are any signs he's been around this area, Lunsford said, "We have received some info that he was working in Tennessee."

Combs was working various jobs, including one laying flooring. If you've seen Timothy Combs, call Athens Police at (256) 233-8700.

Jose Angel Bonilla Castillo sexually assaulted a child in Texas.

Investigator Paul Smith runs Jackson County's sex offender unit and has been looking for Castillo for quite some time, ever since he disappeared from his Diamond Avenue address in Bridgeport.

Smith said Castillo has been deported before and has reentered the U.S. illegally once again.

"Nine times out of 10 they will be repeat offenders, especially if they are criminally active, sexually active toward children, the recidivism rate is very high," Smith said.

Bridget Meeks lives at Castillo's last known address he registered with law enforcement. She said Castillo rented from her last summer.

"It was him, his wife, his two little girls, his grandmother, and his brother," Meeks said.

Meeks said Castillo goes by "Chewey" and later rented a house on Battery Hill, but moved out three weeks ago.

Bridgeport literally backs up to two states: Georgia and Tennessee. Law enforcement said they know Castillo has a past in one of the sister states. Smith got word Castillo had been arrested in Georgia, but then disappeared.

Call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at (256) 574-2610 if you've seen Jose Angel Bonilla Castillo.

When DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris took office two years ago, there were 123 registered sex offenders in the county.  Fifty-seven were unaccounted for.

"We try to go once a month to check them.," Harris said. "We do require them to come in four times a year instead of the two times."

Now there are 153 registered sex offenders in DeKalb County, and only three missing.

"I feel like it's law enforcement presence and the media that have stayed on top of it," Harris said.

Jimmy Griffin was registered out of Florida, convicted of crimes against a child. He moved to Georgia and registered, but later moved to DeKalb County and didn't report to the sheriff's office.

Investigators got information he was living on County Road 618 because he's now being investigated for a reported incident in DeKalb County.

Sex offender specialist Nina Haney said it's an investigation involving a child under the age of 16 and it's a sexual kind of case.

Griffin was a truck driver and authorities believe he might have gone back to Georgia. Residents at a campground off County Road 618 directed WAFF 48 News to the property owner, who said Griffin's wife used to rent one of the cabins last year.

WAFF 48 News was told Griffin was last seen four or five months ago driving a 1996 Beige S-10 truck. It is extremely important you call your local authorities if you have seen Jimmy Griffin.

Elisco Pedro Felipe was registered to live on County Road 97 in Fort Payne.

Paco Manuel Aguiree used to live off McCurdy Avenue in Rainsville and family says he could be in the Albertville area.

Both have been missing since last year and both committed sex crimes against minors.

Criminal investigator Rene Ramos tells WAFF 48 News, "We would like to talk to the Spanish community about any information they may have, if they can help us out."

Call DeKalb County investigators at (256) 845-3801 with any information on these three men.

Some of these sex offenders have been missing for quite some time, but working with law enforcement, they can be brought to justice. All it takes is your tips.