Decatur police department initiates changes

Decatur police department initiates changes

By Bobby Shuttleworth - Bio | Email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - As former head of the organized crime unit of Decatur Police, Faron White has taught his co-workers a lesson.   Public Information Officer, Lt. Johnathan Green says,  "In light of this incident, the police department recognizes that we need to review the procedures, and the review what is being done at this time. But even though it's under review, some procedures have already been changed."

They're still rewriting policy and updating those procedures, "I believe one of the changes that may have already taken place, or that they're currently looking at will, if instances happen like this, we'll learn about it sooner rather than later."

The frequency with which supervisors look at money and the system will also increase.

Many residents we talked with have their own thoughts on these changes.  People like Paul Jones, "Well I'm certainly for change, and if they can come up with a program to change it and make it better, hooray for them and I appreciate the police department, I really do."

Richard Meikus agrees, "I think they should have been doing it for years."

Raul Dequesada says it's a good idea, "Well, it sounds like a great thing and I think it will cut down on the corruption quite a bit."

Green adds, "These new procedures that are going to be enacted or may have already been enacted will be more checks and balances in the system."

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