Limestone County Water Prices

Limestone County Water Prices

By Bobby Shuttleworth - Bio | Email

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Water is getting expensive.  In Decatur, customers pay $11.48 per 7,000 gallons.  Athens pays $19.29 and Limestone county customers pay $45.44.

Tammy Smith heads the utility, "I understand our rates are high when you compare it to some of the other utilities."

And it takes money to run that water to outlying areas.

Although Limestone County is reported to have the highest rate, Smith says not so fast,  "I know that there are a few other utilities that their rates are higher than ours, but I won't mention any names."

Cullman county showed $44.95 per 7,000, but they had an 8% rate increase in October of 2008.

Limestone County customers like Crystal Haaker don't notice much difference, "I assume that it's reasonable."

Becky Clark is still comparing, "Basically I just moved from Decatur a couple of months ago and the bills been pretty much the same each month."