Grave Injustice Follow-up: New resting place for Blendon Jones

Grave Injustice Follow-up: New resting place for Blendon Jones

The community response from our special report "Grave Injustice" has been overwhelming.

Veterans are taking action to get Blendon Jones's body moved out of a paupers grave and to a final resting place, with dignity.

As the backhoe moved into place, so did members of the Patriot Guard. With flags in hand, they took their position by the pauper's grave of Blendon Jones.

'It was very somber this morning," said Max Bennett, a veteran attending the funeral.

When the bulldozer reached the top of the casket, the workers turned to shovels.

A curtain goes up for privacy while Patriot Guard members never turn their back to the solider.

"They stood in formation with their flags, many of them crying," said Bennett.

With straps to secure, the casket was brought up from the grave.

After positive identification is made, Blendon Jones's remains are moved to a new casket, and covered with the American flag.

The solider is saluted then the casket is loaded into the hearse.

Max Bennett commented, "so it was a very somber and solemn moment, to go ahead and bring Mr. Jones back to us.'

Jones taken out of the paupers cemetery with a full escort to Laughlin Funeral Home.

"I just put out the call 24 hours ago, and all of the sudden all these Patriot Guard Riders answered the call," said Bennett.

That's where Barbara Payne, Jones's common-law wife, was waiting. "Oh it was just extraordinary seeing all these people coming out and representing BJ, just knowing that he's here now that he's going to finally be buried properly," she said.

Scott Carle, the state co-captain of the Patriot Guard Riders said, "it was hard and an honor at the same time. We had several Vietnam veterans that there was nothing that was going to keep them away, yes, it was hard, but all of them wanted to be here for that.'

Barbara Payne was overwhelmed with the turnout out, she said, "just having so many people caring. Just knowing that the word veteran means something, and BJ was proud of being a veteran, so this is just awesome!"

An honor guard made up of veterans and patriots across our community will be standing guard around the clock until Blendon Jones is buried on Saturday.