Suzuki of Huntsville still having financial woes

Suzuki of Huntsville still having financial woes

By Jeanie Powell - bio | email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Tennessee Valley car dealer is seeing more tough times with his business. Workers have been laid off during the past month at Suzuki of Huntsville.

President Gary Linam wasn't available for an on-camera interview Thursday, but told WAFF 48 News that only a few employees remain on his payroll in Huntsville.

Suzuki of Huntsville's cash flow is too slow right now to remain open.

When asked, several people asked by WAFF 48 News how important purchasing a vehicle is to them said it was not a top priority at all. Others were happy their vehicles were either paid off or functioning, and a third group said if they were in the market for a new ride, money wouldn't be a problem.

So while some Americans' finances aren't affected, the economy has burdened not just those who take the keys, but those who hand them over.

Shaken by the credit crunch, dealerships across the country have slashed prices, personnel, and even product completely. Others have been completely liquidated by foreclosure.

Linam told WAFF 48 News his company is "fighting to survive."

First, the former number one-ranked Suzuki dealership in the nation halted daily sales operations and had inventory shipped out while management looked for a new source of financing. Now their parts and services departments have closed.

With more than 8,000 Suzukis on area roads, Linam said he realizes this creates a "huge inconvenience" for customers. He explained the nearest Suzuki outlet to Huntsville is Birmingham.

Linam said his business is making progress and hopes to open the doors to its Shoals and Huntsville locations in the near future. But he doesn't have the final answer yet, and gave no timeframe on when that will happen.