Neighbor wants messy house next door cleaned up

Neighbor wants messy house next door cleaned up

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Imagine living next door to a pile of junk.

The owners of a house that was foreclosed on last year dumped their belongings in the front yard and left.

Ken Coulter says the problem started a year ago, at this house next door.

'Richard moved out with his girlfriend,' said Coulter.

The couple left behind a huge mess.

The bank foreclosed on the house.

There's a massive pile of junk in the front yard, blocking the garage.

'Oh my god! Rats, whatever. It's a trash pile,' said Coulter.

We found bags of old household garbage, moldy toys, useless tires, empty boxes and rotting pieces of wood.

'I want this cleaned up and presentable,' said Coulter.

The *inside* of the house is even worse.

The floors are trashed.

The blinds are destroyed.

The couple's 4 dogs tore up the furniture, scattering pieces of foam everywhere.

Coulter says the property is an eyesore.

'When you turn on this street, it's the first thing you see. We are ashamed of it,' said Coulter.

The county says there's nothing they can do about it. This is private property. The city is going to have to condemn it. We called the company that foreclosed on the property.

Coulter says he's fed up.

He has a little granddaughter he worries about.

And the junk is affecting his property value.

He says no one seems to care.

'They say they can't do anything. The bank has to do it or they have to get permission from the bank,' said Coulter.

Countrywide foreclosed on the house.

They plan to check the property to see what can be done.

If the house is considered a health hazard, the health department can intervene.