Prescription for wiping out debt

We all love to find a good bargain. Yet, what if you could save more than one hundred thousand dollars on something? A young couple from Huntsville claims they paid off their house in 6 1/2 years by using a debt reduction software program.

  Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Internal documents show lax enforcement, missed opportunities by the federal government.

FBI Investigators search Huntsville home

Huntsville Police confirm they have a police report against a Michael Scott Harris of the same address for criminal computer tampering encoded data fraud.

Glaucoma numbers increase in baby boomers

In the next decade, a disease impacting the vision of baby boomers will triple from more than 2 million cases to upwards of 6 million.

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Use the Facebook Political Ad Collector to help categorize ads and understand why they are targeting you.

Kitchen Cops: Pink Substance in the Ice Machine & 3 Great Food Trucks

Several schools are on our top performers list, but one local cafeteria was hit hard by health inspectors.

Mold infests government housing in Huntsville

A mold infestation at Searcy Homes has one mother concerned for her family.

What to keep in mind when hiring a contractor

Imagine hiring a contractor to replace your roof and paint your home, but you're left with shoddy work or work never finished.

Doctors escape punishment for profiting off prescribing opioids to those who don’t need them

Doctors who received the most money from a controversial drugmaker to prescribe its potent opioid have faced little scrutiny for their role in what federal agents have called a scheme.

Licensed to pill: Former opioid patient speaks

WAFF 48 News is examining another side to this story from a former patient of one of those doctors and the fight to break her habit.

5 doctors indicted for overprescribing opioids for kickbacks

Drugmaker Insys paid doctors in hundreds of thousand of dollars in kickbacks if they prescribed an opioid painkiller made for cancer patients. Of the doctors indicted, only one was a cancer specialist – the others were plastic surgeons, sports medicine doctors or psychologists.

  WAFF 48 Special Report: Doctor shortages in AL

The American population is expected to rise 11 percent by the year 2030. Yet, the number of doctors isn't keeping pace.

Seat belt sorrow: Mourning parent, state trooper discuss teen driving safety

Parents, you try to your best to keep your children safe, especially when they reach a life milestone like getting their driver's license.

Digital forensics in the Tennessee Valley: A WAFF 48 special report

A new lab is making it easier for authorities across the region to track and attack crimes like ID theft, skimming and child pornography.

Case study: Dr. Howard Diamond

Federal investigators know of at least 22 of his patients who died of prescription-drug overdoses since 2012. An untold number of others became addicted to opioids he prescribed.

Case study: Dr. Mahmood Ahmad

Between 2014 and 2015, Ahmad wrote 1,450 prescriptions for the opioid spray, an average of 14 a week. All told, he collected about $150,000 from a company promoting opioids.

Case study: Dr. Morris Brown

On average, Brown saw 560 Medicare patients a year and wrote 5,700 opioid prescriptions that were billed to the Part D drug benefit program between 2013-2015.

Doctors get rich from controversial drug maker as patients become addicts

While the doctors got rich from kickbacks from a pharmaceutical company, their patient, a suburban soccer mom, became and addict while taking an opioid drug over prescribed to her.

Some top opioid providers raise red flags

Family physicians, nurse practitioners and doctors whose health care focuses on non-narcotic therapies are some of the nation's most prolific opioid prescription writers in recent years.

Doctors who flood the country with opioids face little scrutiny, repercussions

Doctors who over-prescribe pills can easily move from state-to-state while avoiding punishments from state medical boards, who are slow to punish them.

Federal agents raid doctor’s office and suspected ‘pill mill’

Federal agents raid Dr. Mark A. Murphy, who is one of the top opioid prescribers in the U.S. In a 3-year span, Murphy wrote more than 70,000 opioid prescriptions to just 3,200 Medicare patients.

Better Business Bureau warns against Ebay scam

According to the North Alabama Better Business Bureau, online payment scams keep evolving.