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Cyclists asking the city for safety measures

By Eric Sollman
WAFF 48 News Reporter


Several people showed up to Thursday's Huntsville City Council meeting on two wheels.

They're asking city leaders to make streets safer for cyclists.

Cyclist George Hamilton pulls in after making a proper right hand turn.

Hamilton and others are here to help kick-start a campaign to make Huntsville safer for cyclists.

"It's a good place to bike it just needs to be safer we need to educate bike riders as well as car drivers," says Hamilton. 

"In 2006 in Huntsville there were three cyclists killed, 2007 that was doubled with 6, we need some bike lanes, we need to start somewhere," says Marci Lacoskie.

Lacoskie says the two feet of pavement it takes for a bike lane is enough to prevent deadly accidents like the one that claimed the life of 20-year-old Sarah Chapman, a student at UAH.

Chapman was killed when a car struck her along Technology drive in Huntsville.

"For three or four years I've went down technology drive going to and from work," says cyclist Morton Archibald. 

If those wanting change didn't stand out by wardrobe, they sure wanted to through words.

Using as much time as possible, they spoke to city leaders with heartfelt words asking for an adjustment that will help everyone that has a right to the road.

Huntsville Director of Public Safety Rex Reynolds says the accident that claimed the life of Chapman is still under investigation. 

He says a structure committee composed of cyclists and city leaders will meet Monday to give input on safety options.  

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