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Valley boy gets runaround on Greyhound

By Christie Ileto
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Greg Moore was supposed to arrive in Athens from Opelika on Friday May 23rd. Instead he was sent to Atlanta. Next to Montgomery, and then Birmingham before he got to his final destination. Moore's family says the 26-hour trip was a nightmare.

"It was scary because my sister and brother-in-law had no idea where he was. Greyhound said they had re-routed him out, but no one was really sure where he was," said Moore's aunt, Lisa Tolbert.

Moore's location was a mystery to his family, and when he arrived in Athens the next day his bag wasn't on the bus.

"Somebody must have taken the tags off... it took a week before I could get it back," Greg Moore said.

When it was finally returned there was $900 worth of personal belongings missing.

Tolbert thought she was saving money by having her nephew take the bus. Little did she know she would spend more money on gas for the 8 trips between Florence, Athens and Birmingham looking for her nephew.

"I've spent more now, then if I had gone down there and gotten him myself," Tolbert said.

When summer ends, Moore says he will have his aunt drive him back.

"This is my first time experiencing this, first impressions are their last impressions. I just feel like I'm never going to ride Greyhound again," he said.

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