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WAFF 48 Investigators update on Payday at Alabama A&M

The president of Alabama A&M is under investigation.  And the situation could all come to a head by week's end. 

The board of trustees has called a meeting this Friday, after a series of reports from the WAFF 48 Investigators about "Payday at Alabama A&M."

That's what the WAFF 48 Investigators dubbed our series about a scandal at the school involving president, Robert Jennings and his former executive assistant Marco McMillian.

Payroll reports show McMillian received a full month's salary when he was nearly a thousand miles away attending school in Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Jennings signed off on those payroll documents. And he admits McMillian's time sheet does not reflect the time he had off during the month of July in 2006.

However, he says McMillian worked extra hours before and after his time away to make up for the time he missed. 

The WAFF 48 Investigators took those documents to Governor Bob Riley and Attorney General Troy King.

In the meantime, Dr. Shefton Riggins, President of A&M's board of trustees, launched an internal investigation comprised of four members: all lawyers, one a judge.

That panel includes,  Raymond Burse, Lewis Gillis and Lynn Sherrod. Board attorney Rod Steakley is assisting the group.

WAFF 48 Investigator Georgi Bragg spoke to Steakly in this phone interview. 

"The ad hoc committee is expeditiously proceeding it's investigation. It is not yet finished and has not yet reached any conclusions but we'll proceed diligently to do so. We don't have a specific time frame for conclusion but we hope to be through as soon as possible," said Steakley.

Steakley couldn't answer specific questions including, what board policy gave Jennings the authority to give McMillian leave while at the same time he was accruing annual and sick leave time?

There are several other questions raised from our series: PayDay at Alabama A&M that we'll update you on Tuesday night.

And, of course the WAFF 48 Investigators will be at Friday's board meeting to bring you the very latest in this ongoing investigation.

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