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Huntsville organization of students heading to Haiti to aid

By Margo Gray – bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Many in Haiti are struggling to survive the worst earthquake to hit the country in 200 years.

Tens of thousands are feared dead.

Government buildings, hospitals, schools and prisons collapsed, along with homes.

The International Red Cross says as many as three million people may need emergency aid and an organization here in Northern Alabama is getting ready to head to Haiti to help.

Members of NAPS from Oakwood University are packing their bags.

This won't be the first time they've traveled to aid Haiti but it will be a first for encountering a disaster quite like this.

The news of Haiti's devastating earthquake only came in a little over 24 hours ago but in that time, the NAPS organization has already begun to mobilize their relief efforts.

NAPS Medical Director, Marlo Hodnett said, "automatically we said we have to do something about it."

Containers are being packed with first aid kits, water purifiers and medication, tools this group will need to help.

"As a group we are prepared to not only be emotional support but physical support, anyone who is sick has cuts bruises, infections things like that."

NAPS stands for The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation, but they are traveling to a disaster area dealing with much more than the lack of food.

They've done this trip many times before for mission work, but for group member Jean Lubin he knows this mission is much greater.

Lubin said, "whatever is needed to be done there that's just what we'll do, whatever we encounter we don't know exactly. When we get there we will know."

The NAPS group have been traveling back and fourth to Haiti since 1997.

The group was able to get the last six seats for a Friday flight to Haiti.

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