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Local scientist shows WAFF 48 invention that could "change the world"

By Eric Sollman - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- Like a kid in a toy store, we're quickly drawn to inventor Larry Fullerton's lab.

Maybe we're pulled-in because much of what we're seeing is designed with playing in mind.

"About a year and a half ago, I was trying to devise a technology based toy for my grandkids," said Fullerton.

A light-bulb clicked, and this inventor from New Hope, along with Correlated Magnets Research LLC, trademarked "MAGNIT," yes with an "I," technology.

"I think you'll see them everywhere, places that you wouldn't think a magnet would fit," Fullerton said.

Mark Roberts, is the president of CMR.

He said that everyone can and will most likely use this technology in their daily lives.

"For example a door during the daytime, I have it with five pounds of force to where I can open and shut the door. At night I hit the lock on it, it's 400 pounds of force,"said Roberts.

It's force that is formed through a unique coding made up of many small magnetic fields.

"They're stronger than ordinary magnets, twice as strong," said Fullerton.

The concept is complex in theory, but the end product should be user friendly.

To put this in practical terms, regular magnets will stick together just about any way they touch, they can also be very dangerous.

Programmable magnets will only stick together in one precise position, but they can be released with just a simple twist.

Larry and Correlated Magnetics Research already have 60 patents filed.

"I intend that it will change the world," added Fullerton. 

They'll continue to think of more ways to bring their technology, together.

Fullerton and Roberts said they intend to license their technology to the automotive, aerospace, and environmental industries to name a few.

For more information visit www.correlatedmagnetics.com

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