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Interviews with fifth Congressional district Republican candidates

Les Phillip Les Phillip
Mo Brooks Mo Brooks
Parker Griffith Parker Griffith

By Monica Rix - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We're just a few days away from the June 1st primaries and the campaigns for Congress are heating up.

Three Republicans and four Democrats are all hoping to represent Alabama's fifth district in Washington.

Parker Griffith, Mo Brooks and Les Phillip are all vying for the Republican ticket to run for Congress.

Incumbent Parker Griffith is a former oncologist and businessman. He's running for a second term.

"I don't want to say anything negative about my opponents, I think they're good people. But if you look at qualifications, I think my qualifications are better than theirs," said Griffith.

But Griffith hasn't always flown on the right wing. Back in December, the Congressman made the surprising switch from the Democratic to Republican party and he's gotten some heat for it from both sides of the political spectrum.

"We really believe that this district is not really being served by the democratic administration or leadership and, therefore, I changed parties. I could not be part of it," he added.

Despite recent attacks from Griffith's camp, Mo Brooks is gunning for a win and says he's very confident he'll get it.

Brooks is an attorney and has nearly three decades of political experience, currently serving as a Madison County Commissioner.

"With Mo brooks, what you have is someone who's reliable, someone who's ethical. In 24 years as a public servant, I've never had a complaint from the ethics committee. You put it all together and I think what we have to offer is the whole package. We've got the experience and the proven conservative track record," said Brooks.

Then there's Les Phillip, a newcomer to the political game. It's his first time running for any office, but this former Navy pilot and local businessman says his grassroots campaign has reached a lot of voters in the Tennessee Valley.

"I don't have the political baggage. I do this like a business. It's customer service. I want the best people working for me that I can find to take care of the customers, which are the people of this district, whether they're Democrat or Republican," said Phillip.

All three candidates are hoping to turn their political messages into votes come June 1st.

You can watch full interviews, where the candidates talk about where they stand on issues and why they deserve your vote.

WAFF 48 News will profile the Democratic candidates Friday.

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