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Welcome to "The Pie" where you can expect great service and food! There are many reasons you can taste the difference in our pizza. The taste sets us apart from the national pizza chains.

We use a top of the line Mozzarella cheese (100% pure, never frozen). No "made from mozzarella" or "made with" cheese used here. Our dough is made from scratch 2 times a day. Fresh baked dough is essential to our great taste!

We make and cook our Marinara Sauce in house, for that taste you can't get anywhere else.

We use quality toppings; we do not cut corners here. Just take a look at our large selection of toppings. You can taste the difference in all our pizzas and calzones, create your favorite or try one of our specialties.

We are not just great pizzas. Our 100% mozzarella is used with just about everything on our menu. Just a quick sample of my favorite items that we make from scratch includes Meatballs, Lasagna, Manicotti and Sun-dried Tomato Salad Dressing.

Please note since we bake everything and make it from scratch, our food will take a little longer to cook, I ensure you it is worth the wait!

Whether it is Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches or Salads, you will taste the difference at "The Pie!" (We also have a nice selection of beer and wine!)


Don Horner
Owner and pizza lover!

You comments are very important to us, please feel free to contact me at

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